Honestly I never thought I’d be the one writing blogs. When I first moved to the US, I was crying everyday after class because I don’t understand English and my homework seems impossible. One day I came to the office talking to my teacher about withdrawing the class he followed up with a long email telling me why I shouldn’t quit. Maybe just a simple thought of not disappointing him, I didn’t quit, I sit in front roll everyday and passed that class. From that point I believe I can do anything if I try, it’s never too late to start as long as you don’t quit.

I never thought I did anything special but almost everyday someone asks me: “how did you do that”. I came from a small Chinese City where nobody knows the name, now I call NYC and Tokyo home.

Before I start traveling, I look at all those travel pictures of girls in luxury hotels bathtub filled with flower petals, I would really love to do that. But I couldn’t afford that, maybe when I’m 50 have enough savings, but who wants to see a 50 year old in bathtub. But spending big money is not the only way, traveling is about the interesting culture experiences, stories of all your mistakes, things you learned from the locals…. It’s real warm and blood pumping. I never regret hitting the road no matter how bumpy it is. But hopefully I can make yours not so bumpy.

It is 100% true what I told my job interviewers, fashion is my passion and I simply want to see the happy faces when every girl puts on her favorite outfit. I didn’t have much growing up, so I put a lot of effort to put together each outfit to make them special. Over time,I developed my style.

Art is love of my life, I didn’t start painting till about 3 years ago, and I didn’t know they will turn out like real painting neither, all I know is every paint I made came with story and my real emotions. Even though I don’t have any knowledge of colors, lights, compositions, I believe what comes from the heart is beautiful. Hopefully you can feel what I feel when you saw them.

Maybe I watched too many Disney Movies and live on the cloud for too long, like many girls with a fashion designer dream. But i managed to stay on the cloud. I’m lucky life wasn’t easy.

I am a happy to share all the things I learned from all the mistakes I made.

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