Art: When Words can’t Describe

I rarely do art that expresses my fear, depression, anger, anxiety or anything negative come through my head. I wanted it to be rainbows, butterflies, unicorns, and colors… Just like my personality, it’s hard for me to show or talk about it, it makes me feel small and vulnerable.

Recently I didn’t create anything I like, I visited many beautiful places, I had many good and warm memories, I’ve been sketching places with beautifully dressed fashion travelers but my art feels vain.

One day I saw this series of art by a Japanese artist, to express feelings words can’t describe. His technic isn’t very sophisticated at all, but he captured the emotions that’s we all have a hard time to express, for the same reason I didn’t like to. Those really inspired me, so I created the following art and stories. I hope they make me and you feel something again.

Having the ability to take over your emotion makes you the strongest person

Being mentally strong is not looking at one way and keep going, it takes whatever happens in life, change your perspective to make you look at it in a peaceful appreciative way. Mentally strong is not to suffer is to enjoy life fullest. It’s not to ignore or hide emotions but fully process it.

My grandma fight really hard during cancer, she didn’t survive. what makes her strong isn’t the fight, it’s how she lived every day with grace, gratitude and passed away with not a bit bitterness.

Being strong is not pushing people away, able to express your anger by action. It’s about being thankful and don’t lose faith when people don’t treat you right, it’s not about destroying it’s about the building.

If you can take over your emotions and don’t like life bring you down or turn you cold, you are the strongest.

I created this under a certain period of my life, maybe you’re able to read it and relate.

Taking control of your emotions

Slowly over time, when you look at your reflection, you stop worrying about what you want people to see, you see the person you worked hard to become, and you will like that reflection better

When you grew up in a broken family with a narcissism mother, you are seeking approval from everyone. The approval you never had. Even if your childhood was normal, wanting approval is human nature. But it’s such an unhealthy thing to give just anyone the power to evaluate you.

I often ask myself the questions when I feel unsure about myself.

Did I treat people who care about me with respect and kindness?

Did I help, take care of people when I had the chance to and when they’re in need?

Did I work as hard as I can any given opportunity I had, work out, eat right, always pushing myself instead of taking the easy road.

Did I honestly not taken advantage of anyone? Anything I had, I earned it?

If the answers to my questions are yes, no one else can make me see what they want me to see, I see what I see and that’s the truth of myself.

I created this piece on a rainy evening, when I look out the window see reflections of the building, lights and city life, they’re distorted in a way but you’re able to tell what it is, what’s beautiful… those emotions and moments triggered my creativity, and that’s when I am really feeling something from my art.


I hope to tell more stories, all kinds of stories with my art, so art is more real and the emotions can be better understood. That’s what I really want. If my art makes you feel something too, or if you have any feeling you want me to put into this form, please talk to me, leave comments I will always answer.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Love, Julia

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