Art: Christmas Market and Roasting marshmallows

It’s the most magical time of the year again!seems each heat year theres many many ups and downs but always ends up happy and positive towards the end.

Honestly I use to not like holidays at all growing up. Parents were always fighting and father ended up stormed out, mother ended up crying and canceling all the plans… but I still keep getting my hopes up every year.

Still have this stress coming close to holidays when everyone was getting ready for their family but I don’t know what to do. luckily every year there are friends and friends family invited me to join their holidays.i start to feeling hopeful and excited at the end of the year again, and much more gratitude towards people who loved me as I am and take me in as family.

I did those art inspired by my favorite things during Christmas, the Christmas market where you can laugh, play games and drink mulled wine, try many many free samples is one of the best things ever .this year I’m lucky enough to be in Paris and experience one of the best! It’s really hard to believe and I’d never dreamed about this when I was a kid. It was magical.

The second story was inspired by my two of my close friends who invited me over for Christmas many years. We talked about roasting marshmallows together and spend it on the mountains one year, and even though we haven’t done it yet, thinking about spending Christmas together makes me extremely happy. And it really doesn’t matter what we do, because when we grow up, friends are family and they give you that sense of security you never had.

Even though I don’t have many beautiful words to describe the magical feeling, I never able to tell my friends how much I appreciate them neither, I hope my art has a way to tell.

I hope everyone can have faith and make the best of the holidays. If you look behind all the time you will never see what’s coming to you in the future. There are so much to enjoy and love in life to not be happy.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Love, Julia

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