Design: DIY Christmas Snowman Outfit

I designed and made this snowman outfit for me and my doll one year so we could match. I got a lot of nice comments so want to share my idea.

DIY Christmas Snowman Outfit

The first year I moved to the US I got this doll for Christmas, she became part of my life in the US, also feels like she was my first American friend. it makes me very happy to make outfit for her.

This is my whole outfit. I had a small white tree so we kinda match too. I got all my supplies from Joann Fabric Store. With the app you can find so many coupons. If it’s less than a yard you may just find it in the fabric scrap section. Next to Joann you can often find the craft supply story Michaels 

See my detail list below.

DIY Christmas Snowman Outfit

My doll’s feeling fancy.DIY Christmas Snowman Outfit


1.5 yards Light Weight White Fleece (for body)

less than 0.5 yard Black and red Plaid Fleece (for scarf)

less than 0.5 yard Black heavy Satin (for neckline bind)


3 40L Black Shank Button (front decorative button)

1 set hook & eye (back closure)

1 white tape 13″ invisible zipper (back closure)

1 set white bra pads

Craft Material:

1 sheet of Black Cardboard (for hat)

1 sheet of Green Paper (for )

1 Glittery Nail Polish

6 10mm Red half dome plastic beads

1 row Vinyl Tape (boots, dress neckline and buttons for doll)


I made the pattern at school for another project, but you can use any commercial pattern for strapless dress your size.

Good thing about fleece, you can just leave it raw edge.

It is very easy to make, only took few hours of the day. It is completely different feeling wearing your own work.

DIY Christmas Snowman Outfit

If you ended up decide to make your own please share the idea with me. Have a lovely time preparing for the holidays.

Love, Julia





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