Art: The Fashion Designer life

Had a dinner few days ago with my cousin who I haven’t seen for over 10 years. When I told him I’m working as a fashion designer now, He said “oh that’s your childhood dream”

At that moment I was surprised he remembered, but also feeling extremely lucky I am one of the few people I know who’s actually living the childhood dream.

I sketched this earlier days when I wasn’t working as an assistant designer. I loved those apple computer for years, every time i go to apple store I go look at them, touch them. So you can image my excitement when I have it on my desk.

We have free coffee at work, probably because the company knows we gonna need it lol. There are some details in this with stories. My best friend sent this Starbucks coffee mug from Switzerland to me for Christmas, looking at it everyday reminds me of people who cares about me and believed in me, I feel more motivated this way.

I often get tulips for my designer and I, I heard plants can produce happy chemical that reduce stress. My designer had a lot of stress but she never complain, she helped me whenever she can. With little things like this and act of appreciation really make a difference. It’s a small office but we’re lucky we got window seats, and we take care of each other.

I stay after work a lot to use the computer and learn about Adobe softwares, because I’ve been dreaming about this day for so long, I still worry sometimes I’d wake up from this dream and everything disappears, but once I held wacom pen and started working it feels real again.

The second story was about my dream life when I finally get to design my own label, I image it’s me wearing one of my collections and working on the next.  I love dress forms, feels like that’s where all the magic happens. I feel safe when I work on my skill and making actual garments like I’m having something nobody can take away. The smell of fabric and sound of machine really calm me down.

There are many sleepless nights at design school when I was working on my own design, I never stopped till the last minute, always feel like there are more to do to make it better. When the nights are dark but I have lights to work on my garment, my heart always filled with joy. It feels magical when my ideas come to life, even though it may not worked out as pretty as it was in my head at first, the process of making it better was the most magical part.

It wasn’t easy finally get to do what I love, so I always pause and look at how far I’ve came on this road. I feel thankful and proud.  Each stitch, each step on every ordinary days pave the road overtime, I believe no matter near or far, it would lead to my dream somehow.

I hope you will find something you passionate about and proud of, I hope you find the strength to fight through the hard times and darkness. Work hard, have faith and enjoy the progress. Because you know you really lived that way. I wish you success no matter where you are.

Love, Julia

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