Art: The sand and the sea with stories

One reason I love being next to the ocean, my thoughts became clear and my mind can travel far. I usually sit on the sand for a long time without my phone, just spend time with myself. It seems like only positive thoughts arise in my mind. I don’t think about bills, tax forms or sales report for some reason.

This is story comes from my thoughts that life is like the beach, some people like to collect pretty little shells, some people build sand castles. It seems more accomplished to build something but the sand castle will eventually get washed away. Shells, however you can always keep them in your pocket and move on to the next destination. By the end, having all these pieces of memories make life, not the castle.

art of ocean and seashells

The second story, comes from my love for face masks, I love the feeling under my mask, somehow feel protected and less vulnerable. I think some people feel more comfortable with masks on, because there might be empty part where she left her life behind, and there’s part about myself are waiting to be found.

From my childhood through teenage, I often suffer from anxiety first thing in the morning, wake up in a fearful mode. But when the sun’s out, everything seems ok again.

I remember one day I woke up saw sun start rising on the ocean, I never felt so looking forward to start the day and run out like a happy kid. I saw the sun break through the darkness and light up the whole sky, from purple to burning red. I think this moment stayed in my mind. One day without realize, I woke up looking forward to start the day, instead of thinking about all the things I fear for, I’m happy and excited for the chance to do things I enjoy to do and see what life brings. It is not easy but you can change who you are if you never stop fight for your of sunrise and mask

Maybe you and share similar experiences and struggle, but hope my art can comfort your heart for a bit. Like that sunrise and little shells I collected from my journey.

Love, Julia

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