Travel: Bangkok Phuket Pattaya 1 week trip with mom

It was my mom’s birthday, we decided to go to Thailand for 1 week to celebrate. Because Thailand seems have all the things she loves: Good food, nice beaches and tons of places for shopping. Surely it was a grea90t trip with my mom and my credit card.

I want to share the places we enjoyed in this tropical paradise.

First thing attracts us was the nice people and welcoming feeling like nowhere else has. We learned 2 words in Thai: hello (Sawasdee Krab) and thank you (Khob khun Krab), and just a little act of respect made all the Thai service very happy.

Things you should pay attention to: For visiting temples, you have to cover elbow and knee if you go to the temple, can’t just wear a scarf to cover shoulder, has to have sleeves. It’s important you don’t point your feet to anyone when you sit down, and your head is never higher than the image of their royal family. If you insult the king in anyway, including write on their money, you break the law. Don’t take photos where you’re not suppose to take photos. Thai people are very chill but comes to their religion and royal family it’s serious.

You can get &7 SIM card for tourists with unlimited data at the airport. it’s good for a week without recharging.

For transportation, even though taxi or grab car services are cheap, I prefer Tok Tok, it’s like an open air motor car, very fun with bit bumpy and viberate feeling,

Our tour guide told us, Thailand has 3 seasons, hot, really hot, so fucking hot. So prepare for the heat no matter when ur visiting.

Day 1: Bangkok Wat Pho, Suan Pakkad Palace & Wat Arun

Wat Pho, the sleeping Buddha seems fits here so well, gentle and calm like Thai people. Temples in Thailand actually contains real gold in the paint. It’s very glittery with amazing details. It’s special when people here are so in touch with their religion, the experience is almost spiritual and you will feel a strong connection with their culture. Bangkok Wat Pho sleeping buhhdaBangkok Wat Pho

Bangkok Thailand

Suan Pakkad Palace is a residence of royal family. It’s a super nice house complex with gardens and ponds. It’s not crowded like other tourist attractions, so I enjoyed taking a walk and chill like a royalty for a bit. Suan Pakkad PalaceSuan Pakkad Palace

It’s super cool to see Wat Arun right on the river, this shape is iconic for Thai temples. I think it’s amazing how the tiles are so well put together to form the shape.Wat Arun

Taking river ferry is a great way of seeing Thai architecture. Our cruise boat has dinner service, it’s not the best food you can get here but very photogenic. My mom cares about what her food looks like on social media, so it was a perfect choice.

Bangkok river ferryThai Seafood dinner

Me however think this kinda place has the best food. Thai people eat at those place daily, nobody in the city cooks, because it’s hot and food on the street is cheap and fresh. Think about someone cooks the same thing everyday for his whole life, how good their skill is. Thai street food stand

Day 2: Bangkok Grand Palace,Wat Phra Kaew & Khaosan Road

Thai people won’t do any sight seeing from 10am to 4pm because of the heat, but it’s still really busy here everyday full of tourists. It is really beautiful and gold, seems endless in the heat. Each part of complex has its own character, even though I was dying from the heat, as you can see, I still really enjoyed seeing each part.

Wat Phra Kaew is on the grounds of the Grand Palace, make sure you don’t miss that one, the emerald Buddha is very impressive.

Grand Palace BankokBangkok Grand PalaceBangkok Grand PalaceBangkok Grand PalaceBangkok Elephant ride

Khaosan Road is just cool, you can meet people from everywhere in the world and everyone is so chill, friendly and having fun. We enjoyed buying cheap elephant printed outfits while getting mango sticky rice on the road.

Khaosan RoadKhaosan Road

Day 3: Ko Samui

The jade color water and white sand, its island is a total mermaid dream. I was so amazed by how clear the water is, even with a bit cloudy sky, the color is still so many shades of blue.

Ko SamuiKo SamuiKo SamuiKo Samui

Having a coconut on the beach is life! Getting my mom the selfie stick was the best thing I’ve ever done. She was so entertained and could play with it all day. Maybe when I was a baby, she got me toys for the same reason.Ko SamuiKo SamuiKo Samui

After the sun’s down, everyone on the island comes to the beach for bbq and drinks. Island is all light up with colorful lights and there are super cool fire shows performed by 6 packs hot Thai guys. Trust me you don’t want to miss that. Ko Samui night marketKo Samui nightKo Samui fire show

Day4: Pattaya Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden & Walking Street

That feeling when you have your breakfast buffet by the pool and the ocean is next to it. Time seems stops when you come to Southeast Asia. PattayaPattaya Travels

We enjoyed coming to Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden for the tropical scenery and elephant show. The elephants can dance, paint and they’re really good at asking for tips and tourists are very happy giving them, they even seems able to tell how big the money was and react to that. Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical GardenNong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

This paint was done by the elephant in 3 minutes.Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden elephant painting

Fruit buffet at local market is great way of trying different tropical fruits. Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden fruit buffet

The riverfront of Pattaya is nice! we’re catching a cruise here to see lady boy show. Honestly the show wasn’t great, they can’t really sing or dance but the crowd still entertained. Thai people are very understanding comes to sexuality, they believe in recreation and if it’s someone’s first time being a man, maybe they just not quite good at it yet. I think it’s cool how accepting they are.riverfront of Pattaya

We came to the Walking Street after seeing the lady boy show on our cruise. there are many shops, fruit stands and street snacks here. At night you can also see legal sex workers wearing uniforms standing out. It’s a fun place also seems sad seeing it so real.

Walking Street Pattaya

Thai boxing is a popular type of entertainment, they performers are usually small but really badass. Thai boxing

The Coconut Rum was the highlight of my night, that’s what I think all the coconut should be like.


Day5: Pattaya Sukhawadee

This massive palace with gardens, tours, a temples and restaurant was built by a rich business guy. It’s very very colorful and glittery, a bit cheesy but I enjoyed all the pastel colors, especially during sunset. There are many tv shows filmed here in Asia. Maybe that’s why it’s popular for tourists. Our tour group arranged dinner in here as well. Pattaya SukhawadeePattaya SukhawadeePattaya SukhawadeePattaya Sukhawadee

Day6: Phuket Koh Similan

Off to the Similan beach, We took the fast speedboat for an hour so many people got sick, but once we got to the island everyone was ok and pulled their selfie sticks out start shooting. This is THE most beautiful beach I’ve ever been to for sure. Only open to public half of the year, to give itself time to repair and maintain clean.

Reflections from the water is so sparkling. I never seen such turquoise color with gold shining surface ocean. It was so bright and dreamy.

 Koh Similan Koh Similan Koh Similan Koh Similan

When I was a baby our living room has a painting of palm tree, I stood in front of the painting, looking like I was on the beach with my sweater on, took so many photos lol. This tree reminds me so much of that one, so I had to take a real picture in front of it.

I never thought traveling could be so easy growing up and getting to the ocean is only one flight away. Feeling really blessed at this moment.IMG_6300

IMG_6111-photo-fullWatching the sunset on the boat back was so beautiful almost emotional.IMG_5402

Day7: Phuket Raya Island

I’m not sure which one is the most ridiculous, the view, the heat or my outfit. This place, in my mom’s word, crazy beautiful. We did kayaking and river cruise here, still the whole time feeling like is this place real? Can we really go there?

Raya IslandRaya IslandRaya Island kayake

The James Bond island, they named this island after filming the movie. Our tour guide was so proud of it and suggesting we pause the ride and take pictures, it was so cute. James Bond IslandRaya Island

For some strange reason Thailand feels like home to me. Each time I’m leaving I know I’ll be back soon in the future. Thailand is a happy place where everyone was nice, happy and enjoying life no matter how much they have. For me that is a guaranteed good time.Phuket airport Phuket airport

Hope my experience helps if you’re planning to visit Thailand. Looking forward to hear yours.

Love, Julia


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