Art: The Chinese lotus and love

My father had a book of Chinese paintings and calligraphy when i was little. I really enjoyed looking at pictures and read stories about the painting. Each painting comes with a Chinese poetry.

I love the ones with lotus. “Lotus trust the light, rise from the mud and always looking for new beginnings”. Its a symbol of pure hearted person.

Fish means good fortune. also means hope. Lotus often pair with fishes, meaning good fortune will happen to people with pure good heart. Hope for the best and reach for higher level of achievement.

I sketched those when I first started sketching, inspired by the Chinese painting I saw when I was little. Chinese art is very rich in colors with great deal, but also express a feeling of minimalism and simplicity. I feel very lucky influenced by such greatness of my culture. I have so much to learn and feeling like a blank canvas waiting to be painted with beautiful colors.

The Chinese culture is like tattoo, it will follow me for the rest of my life. I feel very happy having my own way to express the love for my culture. Hope you enjoy my artwork.Chinese art lotus and fish Chinese art lotus girl

Love, Julia

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