Art: Holiday season and why not

This is definitely the best year of my life. Looking back I can’t say there is a single day i wasn’t enjoying myself. Coming to the the holiday season again, I am very thankful for the year of “why not”.

Back in last summer, my friends from Sweden visited NYC. We haven’t seen each other for 4 years, but we had such a good time and so much fun. Including going to brunch party in the pouring rain. They told me if you say “why not” more often life will be more fun. This stayed in my mind after and every time I have a chance to do something, I say why not.

So this year I moved to Tokyo then traveled all over Asia, I flew around the earth 2x counting. I think taking chances is so important and life is about finding happiness in everything you do. I did those art inspired by my “why not” time with those friends, our last time out was on a rooftop in NYC. and when I saw Christmas decoration on Macy’s Herald Square, I sketched my Why Not Christmas Card.

You never know where you go, who you met along the road will inspire you and change your life. Take chances and say why not more often. Have one more drink, book another flight, take a lot of pictures, talk to strangers. Enjoy life the fullest.

Have a happy holiday everyone.


Love, Julia

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