Travel: Christmas time in NYC

I still can’t believe how lucky I am working and living in NYC for Christmas past 6 years. Even though I felt lonely sometimes under the lights, wishing my family could be here for holidays and eat some home made meal, I still feel really glad I can finish work eveyday and just walk to most places here, do Christmas shopping, drink Meld wine at Christmas market and pick up presents for friends.

If you are going to be in NYC during Christmas time or thinking about going, here is a New Yorker’s guide. I promise it will be cold, sparkling and truly magical.

Let’s take a walk from Uptown to Downtown with Christmas spirit.

Radio city & Christmas spectacular

Heard a lot of nice things about Christmas Spectacular, One day my friend and I decided to watch after work. I still remember that day we got falafel sandwich from the food truck, it was so nice and warm. Before the show we visited chocolate and gift shops near by radio city and took pictures in front of those big Christmas ornaments.

We got seats really far back because we’re cheap, but it was still very fantastic with the lights, music and dancing. I really felt there’s no place like NYC after the show. We’re also thinking Christmas songs together on the way back because the holiday spirit was so strong. Radio city Chirstmasfalafel truck NYCRadio City ChristmasRadio city Music Hall  Christmas spectacular Christmas spectacular

Rockefeller Center Ice Skating & Christmas Tree

I worked close by so I saw they process of building this tree everyday when I was getting coffee. I love walking to the Rockefeller Center, because I’ve been watching the show 30 Rock for past 10 years, this place is special to me, but also a must see tourist attraction.

Every year when the tree finish, there will be a lighting ceremony and performance every year with famous singers, bands and Radio City Rockettes.

But any other time after the lighting, will be very packed. I love seeing family working so hard to take their selfie with the top of this giant tree. Rockefeller Center Christmas TreeRockefeller Center ChristmasRockefeller Center ChristmasRockefeller Center Christmas

Fifth avenue window display & Light Show

The whole Fifth Ave will be covered by lights, and window display on all the big department stores are very well done. I took this picture because it’s bit perverted lol, but there are all kinds, many fashionable ones of the brands holiday collection.

There will be a light show on St. Patrick’s Cathedral which is next to Rockefeller Center. It was so emotional somehow with music and I often stay to watch reruns lie 4 or 5 times.

Fifth avenue Christmas Light Fifth avenue Christmas Light ShowFifth avenue Christmas Light Show

Fifth avenue Christmas window display

Columbus Circle Christmas Market & The Shops at Columbus Circle

It’s the best feeling having a glass of mulled wine or/and a cup of hot chocolate in the cold while shop for Christmas ornaments at the Christmas Market.

I love those stars at The Shops at Columbus Circle, me and friends love to come here do Christmas shopping. so basically I came here to see stars and then gave all my paycheck to them. I think you should do it too.

Columbus Circle Christmas Market The Shops at Columbus Circle ChristmasThe Shops at Columbus Circle Christmas The Shops at Columbus Circle Christmas Columbus Circle Christmas

Bryant Park Winter Village

I don’t know how to ice skate so I prefer came here to look at Christmas Market, have some food and hot chocolate by the ice skating rink and see people fall.

Even though NYC winter gets really cold, everyone just come out and enjoy it anyway. I really love the energy of my city.IMG_3997-3

Bryant Park Winter Village Bryant Park Winter Village

Rolf’s NYC

When my friend visiting NYC from home, I really wanted her to have a real Christmas Experience. I heard this place looks as Christmas as it can get, we checked out, it’s true, it looks like Santa had threw up in here.

We waited like an hour outside to get in, because it’s not very big place, spots are limited. Once you got in, you fight your way through to the bar and order the Cinnamon Eggnog, It’s very overpriced but delicious. that’s how we do it in NYC.

Rolf's NYC Christmas Rolf's NYC Christmas Rolf's NYC Christmas  Rolf's NYC Christmas

Macy’s Herald Square

The very first Macy’s Department Store, my mom’s all time favourite place. Macy’s has be best Christmas Window and lights. I came here a lot for work when I was assistant Designer. and love to have a coffee at the Starbucks here and just look at the Christmas lights in here.

Everyday after work I pass by see tourists taking pictures of the window and having fun. I feel happy and thankful having the chance to work and live here. Maybe it’s because the first time seeing this magic “Believe” sign on Macy’s gave me motivation to fight for what I believe.Macy's Herald Square ChristmasMacy's Herald Square Christmas Macy's Herald Square Christmas Macy's Herald Square Christmas Macy's Herald Square Christmas

Madison Square Park

It’s right by the Flatiron Building, MSP has the biggest Ginger Bread house I’ve ever seen, it’s literally big as a house, although if i live in a house made of ginger bread I’d be homeless in 3 days.Madison Square Park Christmas

Union Square Christmas Market

Honestly It was way too crowded for me to take any good photo,  I got this photo of Union Square before the Christmas Market, at the Whole Foods I always go to. You can take a coffee and watch people and the Empire state building here. I really enjoy that.Union Square Whole Foods

Wall street & Financial district

I really love when FIDI covered with Twinkle lights. Ther is a huge Christmas Tree in front of New York Stock Exchange building. I usually take ACE local train to World Trade Center Stop, see the lights here then walk to Wall Street.

Financial district Christmas LightsFinancial district Christmas Lights Financial district Christmas LightsFinancial district Christmas Lights

South Street Seaport

Now this is my absolute favourite tree in the city, even though it’s not so well known by tourists and was never crowded. The tree was the most sparkling one. I can just stand IN the tree and looks like you’re inside of a Christmas Card.

Get a cup of hot chocolate from the Haagen Dazs Nearby and sit by the tree for a bit with some Christmas Music on. Send a holiday snap video to friends and family. It’s the best feeling sharing the holiday with people you love, now matter how far. South Street Seaport Christmas TreeSouth Street Seaport Christmas TreeSouth Street Seaport Christmas Tree

Also this is the morning walking in my neighbourhood Chelsea, you can find Christmas everywhere in the city. Chelsea Christmas street

Have a great holiday everyone, and thank you so much for stopping by! You added more glitters to my holiday too.

Love, Julia

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