Art: Life with Sushi and Kimono

Two things in Japan I do that would bring my heart so much joy was eating sushi and dressing up in Kimono.

Me and sushi wasn’t love at the first sight. First time I had it at restaurant I as a poor student, been wanting to try it forever, so I ordered the cheapest on the menu, which was the roll with cucumber in it. Since the flavour was so bland I put a huge scoop of wasabi in it, because it’s free…… I walked out of restaurant in tears and stuff still politely bowed and told me thank you hope to see you again, I was like haha.

Then I have friend  who was just crazy about sushi and she’d sell her house to eat it everyday. On her birthday she flew all the way from Canada to NYC to celebrate with us.. Picked a super fancy 4 dollar sign restaurant in Lower East Side, since we splitting the bill I didn’t order cucumber, and my life changed completely. I’m glad I gave it a second chance. Now I’m totally in love with sushi.

Later when I moved to Japan, found many sushi wheel places that’s really reasonable priced and very amazing quality. Every day eating sushi was a good day.

This is my story of my life changing experience. It was a really nice sushi fest.

Another obsession was Kimono. When i visited Japan I saw Japanese girls wearing them. So I dream about me walking around in it too, with cherry flowers and umbrella, flower petals felling with background music. I thought it will only be a dream because I can’t afford to buy one. I sketched my Kimono Dream after my first visit.

When I moved to Japan, I met a Japanese girl from a friend, she told me you can actually just rent them for a day. She even made appointment for us and we walked around in Kimono, there were so tourists taking photos of us, we could do it as a side job. It was one of my favourite days in Japan, and when I think about Kimono I always think about the excitement, and the fact someone would do such nice thing just to show a friend a good time.

I think the reason we love something, is because there are people we care about and memories we shared associate with it. And when I put my stories in color, I keep the memories forever.

Love, Julia


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