Art: China through my color palette

Those are things I love about China: red lanterns, rowboats, food and the feeling of home. I created images in my head that makes my heart feel warm and comfortable.

When I was a little girl, sunset is the time I know my parents are coming back home. They will cook together, I will watch cartoon then we eat in front of TV. As I get older, From time to time I feel bit empty when the sun start setting. Like a floating lantern, not sure where is home. That’s my first story: The floating red lantern.

Maybe it’s also from my early age. My grandma had the happiest look when I stuffed my face in front of her. Now I really enjoy feeding people, like a grandma too. It’s a happy feeling seeing people you cared about eat a lot. espically the ones who can clear all the plates looks like they did the dishes too. My second story: Because it feels like home.

Even though life has many many ups and downs, taking care of family and searching for the feeling of home should never change. I hope you can sit down, picture what makes your heart feels like home for a minute, you will feel very recharged after.

Let me know your thoughts.

Love, Julia

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