Art: Life is full of ordinary days

Honestly I’ve been feeling kinda stuck lately, my creativity doesn’t flow these days, and even the ones I created before I thought was really brilliant doesn’t get nearly as good feedbacks. I changed my life dramatically since last year this time, how come I get the same feeling?

Around this time last year, I was thinking everyday how wonderful life would be if I just travel to different countires and do art as much as I can . Well I did and it was wonderful indeed, but as soon as I’m not on the road I stopped being happy. I started looking at little things that makes life.

The happiness you get when you go to a market full of fresh colorful vegetables and fruits, picked your favorite (should be avocado) and looking up reciepes in your head on the way home.

The happiness you get when youm pick up iron-on patches of things you like for $1 each, and remade your old jeans into your favorite one of a kind piece.

The happiness you get when you cook something for the first time from the recipe book, and the smell turns out resonably good.

The happiness you get when you driving someone absolutely crazy, but they’re still there.

If you are someone like me who thinks you have to do something special everyday just to be happy, otherwise it’s a waste of life. Start to make mental notes on things that makes you happy on ordinary days. girl with avocado problemscooking couplesHope you are happier today than yesterday, and never stop appreciating how beautiful life really is.

Love, Julia

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