Travel: Places in New York you should visit in Fall

Even though I lived in NYC over 5 years, I still go to parks every weekend like a tourist who visited the big city for the first time. Maybe because life was never easy and it seems very surreal I’m passing by those places I’ve been seeing in the movies all my life, I never take it for granted, I try to make the best of my time here.

I listed my favourite places in New York to visit in Fall. perhaps you can see why it seems like a dream everyday living here.

Central Park

Because it’s so big each time I feel like I ended up seeing some part I’ve never seen before, and yes I got lost every time too. Good thing is from 59th East to 110 west, you can easily find a subway stop goes to central park.

Some of my best memories here are doing picnic at Sheep Meadow, sketching and listening to music on the grass, and just taking a walk during sunset after a long stressful day at work.

I remember one time I came here took a nap by the lake, woke up see the sunset and it was so dreamy. It’s easy to enjoy life when you go outside and see how beautiful life really is, and remind yourself what you really came here for. IMG_2328img_5088IMG_0778

Dumbo and Brooklyn Bridge Park

I couldn’t describe my feeling when I discovered Dumbo and Brooklyn Bridge Park. I had the picture of NYC in my head right in front of me, trying to figure out where the little dot of my office in midtown manhattan is.

If it’s not too cold, you should take East River Cruise to go from here to midtown, it stops at downtown Manhattan and Long Island City Queens along the way, so you get a great view of the city from the river. It’s only $4 on weekdays and $6 on weekends.

Make sure you stay for the sunset and after the sun’s down, so you can see Manhattan covered in gold and then the magical sparking lights at night.


City Hall Park

It’s not a big park at all, first time I discovered this park, I just got some coffee at Starbucks nearby and walked into this very New York view. I had my coffee watching yellow taxis passing by and had a moment with myself. Still feel the same way every time I came here. I’ll also make sure I get one of the holiday blend to go with the view.IMG_9220IMG_4101

Hudson River Park

Because I lived on the west side of Manhattan, I jog along the park every week. You can go from W.59th Street along the river all the way down to Battery Park.

Lots of New Yorkers run here with their dogs. It’s nice to just chilling on one of the benches. You can get a great view of downtown here.img_4447IMG_4999-photo-fullIMG_0125-2

Governor Island

This cute little island is perfect for a spending a day in the sun away from the hectic Manhattan. It only opens till the end of September so make sure to plan your visit accordingly.

You can take Ferry rom Lower Manhattan , the Battery Maritime Building at 10 South Street for $3. Many people rent bikes on the Island, I enjoy just taking a walk along the river, and lie on the hammock with my music on.



Bear mountain state park

I found a good deal on Goupon for Circle Line Bear Mountain Full-Day Cruise so I took the ferry in the morning and got to Bear Mountain for a hike then returned. It was such a beautiful ride seeing mountains covered with fall colour. 2.5 hours each way along the Hudson river, a bit cold but the view was so worth it.

Bear mountain has such amazing fall colours I was in fairytale for the day. Bear Mountain Inn looks like a nice place for a weekend getaway.

On the way back I had beer on the boat, was a perfect ending. IMG_1895IMG_1954IMG_1914IMG_1992IMG_2018


Came here for a thanksgiving weekend with friends. We took a train from Grand Central Terminal to Tarrytown, train ride was pretty seeing all those little station passing by. Traveling by train is a nice feeling, especially taking off from Grand Central.

On the weekend we mostly enjoyed walking trough town looking for restaurant and chilling in the Barnhart Park watching sunset. There are some cute little shops near the station selling Christmas decorations, was fun stopping those places too.

We got a great deal for Castle Hotel & Spa on Groupon, such a beautiful hotel! It made our stay even more fun. At night we stayed in, had snacks, drink and watched Devil Wears Parada.



Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard

My first pumpkin picking experience was here, I took a train from Grand central,

From Grand Central Station, take the Metro North Harlem Line train with the destination of Southeast and exit the train at the Croton Falls stop. There is a cab company directly across from the train station. I found 3 people to split the cab it’s about 2 miles from Croton Falls station.

On weekend there’s country band playing, I got apple siders and freshly baked donuts for breakfast, There are many other snacks available too so you can stay there all day, do some pumpkin picking and apple picking, take a tour of the farm on back of their truck and see farm animals. End of the day, I got some farm product from shop and happily went home.


Battery Park

I am obsessed with this park since the first visit. I really love coming to downtown finical districts because it’s so beautiful and peaceful. Battery park has a great view of Statue of liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. Every time I walk in battery park I picture myself living here and it was a perfect picture. IMG_4512IMG_4511IMG_4509IMG_4503IMG_4500


I came to Beacon to see the Bannerman Castle, it’s located on Pollepel Island. you can reach it by boat from Beacon or Newburgh. I booked a tour from Beacon on the Bannerman Castle Website

Boat ride to the Island is really cute. View of the castle from the river is amazing. Even though this castle is not like any Disney castle, it’s still really cool to come to this island once was forgotten.

After the tour, I walked to downtown Beacon. visited some gift shops, Got food and wine. Check out the sunflower showerhead in my picture. It was a perfect day! Although I heard a lot of nice things about Dia:Beacon an amazing art gallery I didn’t have the time to go, I will definitely go back.IMG_0554


Breakneck Bridge

If you are down for some hardcore hiking, take a train to the Breakneck bridge, you will not be disappointed.

I visited in early fall when the leaves not turning colours yet, but it was very stunning view even without. Can’t image how beautiful it would be in fall colours. Next time maybe we can go hike again together.

If you are lucky enough to be in NY for fall, make sure check out those places. Hope you have a great time.

Love, Julia IMG_5946

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