Travel: Places around Tokyo to see cherry blossoms

Being in Japan for the cherry blossom season is one of the most amazing experience in my life. Starting late March to end of April I’ve been chasing those flowers everyday. I put together what i thought the best places to visit around Tokyo during cherry blossom season. Take a look at my pictures and book your trip to Japan NOW.IMG_7602

1.Shiba Park

The park next to Tokyo Tower.Was the perfect Tokyo picture in my head. I was here during the earlier blooming. Never thought the beginning is so beautiful too. After visiting the park, watched sunset, I went on top of Tokyo Tower to see the night view. What I love about this season is the infinity cherry blossom lights and music inside the Tokyo tower observation deck. Super dreamy.

2.Shinjuku Park

It’s cool to chill in the middle of crazy busy Shinjuku, lie down on the grass see cherry blossoms or have a picnic after walking around all day.

3. Kawasaki Daishi

About 1 hour from Tokyo, Kawasaki Daishi has very charming garden, temple and little shopping area. It’s not crowded like lots of temples in Tokyo. you can see family and kids running around play in the park. Very pleasant spot.

4. Kitanomaru Park

Next to the imperial palace, view of cherry trees seems endless. I love how high up it is so you can see the river, the city and floating boats. when the sun shining through flowers, you need to take a walk through the park and listen to your favourite song,


5. Yoyogi Park

If a word I could describe this park, is probably “sakura forest”, well 2 words. It’s a very popular hanami (japanese having a picnic under the cherry flower trees) spot. But I love it for the fairytale feeling I got walking around here.img_8819-photo


Kamakura is everything. Gardens, temples, hikes and sunset on the beach. From Tokyo going towards Yokohama, usually take about 1.5 hours. There are so much to see besides the famous big buddha. information desk at Kamakura station is very helpful, they will take out map and recommend different routs based on your interests. I took their advice and it was a very full day.

7. Kawagoe

30 mins from central Tokyo. The most dreamy cherry blossom scenery I’ve ever seen. I was so amazed by how much cherry trees are there in the area. Love the Edo period feeling of the Warehouse District. Love eating all the sweets in Candy Alley, waking around Hikawa Shrine, but really loved sitting by the Shingashi River watching cherry blossoms felling and boats passing by. 

8. Nakameguro Park

Perhaps the most famous one in Tokyo. On the weekends, so many family come here walk along the river, you can get snacks, sparkling wine along the street too. It’s very good vibe being here. 

9. Shakuji park

I lived by this park so for me this is the most special place. Park is 15 minutes from Ikebukuro. One side of the park has a big lake you can do paddle boat in and have a picnic at the green area. The other side has smaller lake, but the bamboo path and gardens are just beautiful. I love how some old Japanese artists come here to paint everyday.

10. Mt Takao

About 1 hour from central Tokyo, Mt Takao has some of the easiest hikes and beautiful shires, temples along the way, During this season, you can also see cherry flowers on the hikes. Loved seeing groups of Japanese school kids coming here for hikes and then have a picnic on top of the mountain. They usually wearing matching hats. and pack some rice balls and fruits. Super cute.

11. Enoshima Island

Not only for the cherry blossoms in the park, take a ferry on the ocean, take a hike, see the Enoshima Shrine, make a wish at the famous Love Bell and get on top of Enoshima Sea Candle to see the view from the sky. Don’t forget to stop at Hello Kitty Cafe for some kitty pancakes.

12. Ueno Park

I had the most fun Hanami Experience here in Ueno Park, Beginning of the cherry broom, park will have the lights open later at night for people to come here party. Lots and lots of people will set up their blankets and drink together, you can play music, dance, play drinking games. Japanese TV channels will stop by do some filming too. Make sure don’t miss that!

13. Toshimaen

What’s better than looking at cherry blossoms, getting on roller coaster then have a meal under the trees? This place has it all. 10 minutes from Ikebukuro, you can get half price ticket for $24 after 5pm to stay till the park close. When you walk in, there will be Disney feeling music and there will be a cherry blossom valley to walk to the roller coasters.

Please take the time to enjoy one of the most amazing gift nature gives. You will remember the magic for the rest of your life I promise.

Love, Julia

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