Travel: How to see Okinawa in 1 week

Places like Okinawa, don’t see many foreign tourists. but wherever you go looks like postcard. So many attractions are free, comfortable and well maintained. Everything is functional and thoughtful.

Okinawa is so different from the rest of Japan, Definitely worth visiting.

Day1: Landing in Naha International Airport

Capital of Okinawa Preference, where the airport and some major attractions are. Perhaps the highlight of my first day was the American style burger place. Maybe you think it’s silly to eat burger in Japan, but Japanese burgers are AMAZING. They changed my life.

Day 2: Ginowan Tropical Beach, Sunset Beach & Mihama American Village

I never seen so many shades of blue on any other beach. Smooth white sand and water so clear you can see fishes and seagrass.

tropical beach okinawa

tropical beach okinawa

Unfortunately that day was cloudy so couldn’t see sunset on sunset beach. It was a good place to swim, lots of families swim there was very fun. Walking in American Village near sunset beach probably my favourite part. Feeling like part of Disneyland (with alcohol). So many cute shops and fun photo spots. If anyone miss  Red Lobster while on beach vacation, there is one with a great view.

American Village OkinawaAmerican Village OkinawaAmerican Village OkinawaAmerican VIlliage Okinawa

Day3: Shuri Castle

I love this castle with the view of Naha City, I’ve visited few Japanese castles but nothing looks like this one. It’s very high up on so you feel so close to the fluffy clouds.

Shuri Castle OkinawaShuri Castle OkinawaShuri Castle OkinawaShuri Castle Okinawa

End of the day will move to Motobu, where more nice beaches, ocean park and the world’s biggest aquarium are. Bus terminal is in the centre of Naha, lots of shopping malls and restaurants around.

Photo was taken on the 2.5 hour bus ride. It’s pretty much like this the whole time. not bad at all.img_5121

Day4: Bisesaki Beach, Emerald Beach & Ocean Expo Park

Bisesaki beach very rocky, it’s popular for snorkelers. You can see many shell fishes in the water.  bise beach okinawa

bise beach okinawabise beach okinawa

When I got to Emerald Beach that afternoon, thaiphoon was coming. Lucky I got these photos before it hits. Amazing how brave girls can be to get the perfect photos.Emerald BeachEmerald BeachEmerald Beach

Ocean Expro Seaside Park is a huge Park along the ocean with gardens, private beach and aquarium. Just walking around here makes you feel like life couldn’t get any better than this.Ocean Expro Seaside Park okinawaOcean Expro Seaside Park okinawa

Ocean Expro Seaside Park okinawa

Bus ride back to Naha I got to see the sunset above ocean. sunset Naha

Day6: Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

The biggest aquarium in the world. There are restaurants, coffee shops inside. You can easily spend a day here. The live dolphin show in the outdoor stadium was my favourite part. Okinawa Churaumi AquariumOkinawa Churaumi AquariumOkinawa Churaumi AquariumOkinawa Churaumi AquariumOkinawa Churaumi AquariumOkinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Day7: Okinawa World & Gyoku Sendo Cave

A cool place to see Okinawa Culture, handcrafts, plants and old style shops. you can dress up in traditional Okinawa style outfit and take your pictures like a princess. (very important)

The cave still the best part of Okinawa World, you have to take a walk inside and feel the exotic world of stone and jade water.

Gyoku Sendo CaveGyoku Sendo CaveGyoku Sendo CaveGyoku Sendo Cave

Hope my pictures will make you want to go! Looking forward to hearing your experience there.

Love, Julia

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