Art: Krabi beach day dreaming

My weekend in Krabi few weeks ago wasn’t really sunny and blue. It’s totally the opposite, due to a storm Philippines. I was talking to a local nail tech and she has usual smile on her face (like every Thai person) said “In Philippines it’s more bad”, it changed my perspective and I enjoyed my weekend very much. Just the fact I was under the roof while it was storming makes me feel extremely lucky.

Krabi is truly beautiful, my stories are inspired by the view of Railay Beach where I stayed at during. The boats are the only transportation between the islands, when they’re parking in the water, look so peaceful. I can just stand there staring at the water for hours and all my worries will go away.

You can also take the boats do island hopping See Phi Phi island and James Bond Island during the day. Even though I couldn’t reach any island due to the storm, being on the boat was already so amazing to me.

Hope you like my art of Krabi and go feel it some day. img_1283-1

Love, Julia

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