Art: Fall is about pumpkins and friends

There something about pumpkin scarf and coziness, you just want to curl up in it.

My sketches are inspired by my favourite days in Fall. One of them is pumpkin picking in the farm upstate, Harvest Moon Farm Orchard. Me and friends were talking about how cool would it be to actually have a stand selling pumpkin, and course we will dress totally inappropriately, and there will be alcohol involved.

The other one was when my friend visiting from Germany, I took her to my favourite coffee spot in Dumbo, Brooklyn Roasting Company. they happen to have a pumpkin carving event, so we got free pumpkins and carved together, it was displayed after in the coffee shop. It was such a happy day my heart felt so warm every time I think about it.

So I came up with the sketches with rich warm colors like I felt those moments. I hope you like it and share some of your favorite stories in the Fall. I will sketch more.

2017-12-19_01-2Love, Julia

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