Travel: Ayutthaya weekend getaway

There are not so many foreign tourists goes to Ayutthaya, but it’s a very popular destination for the locals. Being so close to Bangkok with such unique history, I strongly recommend you to go.

Take the train from Bangkok railway station, because it reminds me so much of an old movie or Disneyland, even though it’s hot and slow, it’s an amazing experience. If you’ve been to Grand Central in NYC, you know that feeling.

Dress like a real traveler, pack your bag and getting ready for some real adventure.

Friday: Train & night market

If you take rapid train it only takes 1.5 hours from Bangkok station to Ayutthaya station. Once you arrived Ayutthaya, you feel real Thai in the air.

There are hundreds of temples made out of bricks. Around the night market there’s couple cool spots. I was just passing by on the way to Night Market, the happiness of unexpected surprised.

The night market is very Thai. People running the food, snacks, clothe stands are all dress in traditional Thai clothe and they’re not selling burger or fries, there are Bugs, worms and all the other things you could eat on the planet of earth.

Saturday : Ayutthaya Historical Park & Wat Mahathat

Wat Mahathat is the one with this famed Buddha head surrounded by tree roots.

Sunday : Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon

This is the most “together” temple in Ayutthaya, the rolls of Buddha’s look super cool. And the big Buddha in the cave also very impress.

To make the most of my experience I purchased Thai traditional dress from the night market, watched several YouTube to pin them together, just as I arrived feeling all special, I saw about half of the girls inside wears traditional Thai dress with tons of jewelry and styled up.

Then I look on the left, more than 10 traditional rental places doing the whole service for half of what I paid. But it was an once in a life time experience for me, I really enjoyed that day.

There’s faster and cooler (literally) way to get back to Bangkok from Ayutthaya, like the minivans, just tell the Tok tok driver to take you to the minivan station he will know.

Hope you have a great weekend in Ayutthaya!

Love, Julia

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