Travel: How to see Cambodia in 1 week

This amazing place, really hard to find words to describe. Hopefully pictures tell better story. Starting with me posing in my princess outfit, not so great for hiking the temples, but so great for my self esteem. Plus I got my princess together in less than $15 at the local market. Getting around Cambodia is very easy, taxis are cheap and comfortable but the tok toks are just as cheap and fun, drivers are also nice friendly and treat you like royalty.

Day1: Phnom Penh national museum of Cambodia & Silver Pagoda

National museum isn’t very big, consider the world “national”. But it’s full of treasures, and there are still boxes of pieces they dig off the ground that’s not been putting together yet. And of course you have to visit the King’s home Royal Palace, The Silver Pagoda is located on the south side of the Royal Palace, great place to see culture and art of Cambodia.

When the sun’s down, have a drink at this Garden Place with sparkling lights Luna Restaurant & Bar near Independence Monument.

Day2: Wat Phnom, Independence Monument & Riverside

Wat Phnom It is the tallest religious structure in the city, a bit of a hike but i really liked this place. Color of the temple looks bit “naked” compares all the gold silver blink blink of other temples, but it’s very unique and beautiful.

Walk from Independence Monument to the riverside in the evening and then take a drink by the river or take a 2 hour river cruise is perfect ending to a hot day. My favourite part is seeing how locals are all hanging outside with their family, sitting on the blanket eat some food and watch their kids play. Nobody sitting with their phone, they just really enjoying the moment.

Day3: Siem Reap Angkor Wat & Angkor Thom

Moving on to next, the vert famous Siem Reap where the most magical feeling appears. Lets fly To Siem Reap, check in and Get ready for your leg day.

If you slept a bit late, enjoyed a long topical hotel breakfast buffet with lots of food pictures, you probably want to get a 2 day pass for about $40 and do Angkor Wat, Angkor thom one day and Bayon and Ta Thom next day. you can get one day pass for $25 and 1 week pass for $60 but i don’t recommend more than 2 days, it starts looking all the same after 2 days.and 1 day is too hard on the body (unless you have a super ripped body) you wouldn’t enjoy the rest.

I also suggest you hire a local tok tok driver for about $10 a day to drive you to different places, they will wait for you as long as you needed and unless you rent bike or motorcycle, it’s too far to walk from one places to another.

angkor wat cambodia

Day4: Bayon, Ta Prohm & Pub Street

The first guy who puts his in every side of the mountain, wonder how he felt about instagram. Bayon a must see princess spot in the world, it’s breath taking.

Ta Prohm honestly i don’t have much memory of the movie Tomb Raider, but i had lots of deep thoughts when i came to this place. The roots, the jungle and city underneath,

“Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with that and all will be well.”——-Buddha


Day5: Otres beach

It may not be the most beautiful beach here, maybe the least beautiful one, but it’s very raw and exotic. If you’re looking for this feeling, I think you found it.

Day6: Sihanoukville Beach

First time i visit Sihanoukville beach, the vibe was incredible. Along the beach there are bars and restaurants with different country flags out and you can drink $1 coconut and chill there all day, at night, same spot have sea food BBQ.sihanoukville cambodia night beach view

Well like anything great in life, it didn’t last forever, now there are Chinese construction sites everywhere and things hasn’t been taking care of for the past 2 years. There are still few coconut places and you can still drink cocktails under coconut tree, so you should visit before it turns into Chinatown.

Day6: Independence Beach

The drive to this beach looks like a war zone I was that super concerned, but once I got here it’s like a hidden paradise. The beach is new, clean, quiet, beach resort is huge, you need to take golf car to get around and the infinity pool next to the ocean is just too be true.

Take a walk along the beach, see the waves come and go, have a swime and drink in the pool, life is beautiful.

Day7: phomn penh

Last day I just feeling like chilling at hotel rooftop pool and drink at pool bar,getting ready to fly back.

Hope you enjoy Cambodia as much as I did!

Love, Julia

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