Art: Cambodia in Colors

This is my hand sketch about my experience in Cambodia. To me, this place is very magical and I feel like traveling back in time when I was there.

There is my image of Siem Reap. The first story is when I visit Ta Prohm when I was surrounded by this breathtaking view, I suddenly had this crazy image of myself being an artist, dress up and travel around the world. And once I start to sketch my idea, I was like “wait a minute, I’ve been to Cambodia, I’m doing art, I’m already halfway there”.

Second Story is in Bayon. My favorite thing to do is to buy some traditional clothing and accessories on my trip and dress up (as a princess). Maybe it’s silly but I feel very in character lol. and after the trip, I have some piece to look back to, and use them to style other outfits.

Like my best friend once said. “Go where inspires you, do what makes you happy and sparkle.”

Hope you find what’s inspire you and get on the road!

Love, Julia

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