Travel: How to see Kuala Lumpur in 5 days

KL is a very charming and multi-culture city. You can easily see the influences of Indian, Muslim, and Chinese. If you are in southeast Asia and planning on visiting, here are my plans.

People here in KL speaks very good English, you will not have a problem getting around if you speak basic English. Transportation is great, Grab Taxi Service is fairly cheap, even though trains are very clean and comfortable, it’s not the most cost and time efficient way to travel, however, if you stay in the center, you can experience it. SIM Card is cheap and very easy to find, if you didn’t get a chance to buy it at the airport, you can find it almost every convenience store, also for recharge your phone. I use Digi, it’s cheap and you can charge it with MyDigi App 

Shopping is great in KL, there are plenty of shopping malls nearby city center Bukit Bintang is the busiest shopping and nightlife area. Not much different than Hongkong or Tokyo to me. You can find majority brands in the different price range. If you want to shop for tourist styles or souvenirs, Central Market is a great place.

Day1: Batu Caves & Petronas Towers

Batu Caves are newly painted, I randomly saw a travel video from Unlimited world and saw the rainbow stairs on the internet one day, the next day I packed my most colorful outfit and visited. Btw it’s not just the stairs that are colorful, so much more than that, and you can also see monkeys hanging out having picnics. So hide your Pickles.

Petronas Tower, you just gotta do it. It was not too long ago the tallest in the world. I had my drink at Marini’s on 57 and got this picture, the cocktails are fantastic also.

Day2: Bukit Bintang, KL selfie museum

When I was in Pavilion, really feel no different than Hong Kong or Singapore. some buildings remind me of Time Square also. But I recommend to go to Selfie Museum First, then come have a drink, or if you’re a guy, maybe come for a drink before so your day goes by easier.

People say selfie museum is every girl’s heaven, I don’t think it’s true, a lot of guys in Southeast Asia seems to love it too. Book your tickets ahead of time, believe it or not, it gets fully booked a lot of days.

Day3: Thean Hou Temple, Central Market, Chinatown & Sri Mahamariamman Temple

A perfect day to see those 3 cultures and colonial architectures. Some Local food 


Day4: Merdeka Square, Sultan Abdul Samad Building & Jamek Mosque

Those spots are close to each other you can walk from one to other. I think it’s the most beautiful and exotic place in the city. Merdeka Square has an open green area which used to be golf court during the colonial period. It’s a nice place to take a walk and look at all the beautiful architectures around.

Day5: KL Tower, KL Forest Eco Park & Upside down the house

Top of the KL Tower has the most amazing view of the city. I definitely recommend going. Observation Deck is around $12, all indoor viewing. Sky Deck is $25, outdoor and glass box. I didn’t go on Sky Deck and glass box but I regret not paying extra to go.

Eco Park is a tropical forest park, it’s right next to KL Tower. If you feel like hiking a bit, make sure you have mosquito spray, it’s an issue here. Some of the mosquitos can cause fever.

Upside down house is a cute little family picture spot. there are 2 floors for pictures, the ticket is about $4, it’s right next to KL tower as well. I really enjoyed it.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email I’d be happy to answer. I hope you have a wonderful time in KL.

Love, Julia

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