Travel: How to make the most of a rainy long weekend in Krabi Island

What if your beach vacation is rainy every day?

I’ve booked my Thailand beach vacation way before the big storm hit the island. On my flight there I was thinking holy shit I’m totally fucked. Well, if it happens to you too, believe me, you can still have an amazing time with amazing pictures. Here is how I ended up enjoying my 4 days long weekend in Krabi Island.

Day1: Enjoy your flight, good food, street market, and bamboo cocktails.

Thai food is ridiculously good and stupidly cheap. I think the core is people here think the food is life. Well, like any other Asian, they don’t mess around with food. You are looking at my dinner right here, and my dinner is looking at you too. So yeah, very fresh ingredients.

I’ve ordered Thai spicy, I guess because I look very Thai, I got the real deal. But since I am not real Thai, I couldn’t handle the real deal. And service is very concerned when I don’t like the food, almost like omg what’s wrong you don’t like sex? What did I do? Yeah, they take it personally. And they do whatever it takes to fix it so you leave happy.

And my goal was to drink a cocktail with a little umbrella, I accomplished that after dinner. Life is too short to not drink a cocktail with little umbrella whenever you can.


Day2: Take the ferry to Railay Beach, enjoy the rain from the guesthouse and have a drink!

Next day I took a ferry to Railay Beach, it almost canceled due to the storm, and even though it didn’t, the fear of storm suddenly coming down and the boat flipping over was real.

Picture of me waiting for the ferry. I guess this shot hide my fear, but I was calculating in my head how long I am able to swim over there if it happens.

I arrived safely but the rain really coming down as we pull in. I manage to still get a shot of this while blocking the rest of passengers on the boat in the rain. Professionalism!

This is my Panda Bieber Jr traumatized from an earlier monkey attack, I had to trade him back with a can of hotel Fanta. We didn’t think the neighbor monkey would just come over and visit our balcony like this.

Besides that, it was a very peaceful afternoon watching the rain in my towel, waiting for the bar to open. 

It’s my favorite time of the day: Happy Hour.

Is it I or my Pina Colada in the picture is actually glowing? It was only the 3rd one.
After my Holy Colada, I had the best BBQ prawn in my entire drunk life. 

Day3: Take dramatic beach pictures before the storm, have a spa day then repeat the drinking

I was yoga-ing my butt off, always wanted to do this on the hotel balcony. Then I saw the sun came out. Due to the huge amount of storm it’s been going, I know I had to grab this opportunity hard. So I quickly got my shit together and run out for those.


On the empty property, I found my dream office space. I started to picture myself with laptop laying on the beach with Pina Colada, and this is my daydreaming faces. Always wanted to have my own business so I can drink during office hours. img_1028

Ok while taking those photos, I saw the storm coming horizontally across the ocean to my direction. It was a dramatic AF. also there’s a boat parking here got flipped over, I had to run back to my hotel at the speed of light but I got those shots! Totally not going out till happy hour. 

If I collect those flowers from my Pina Coladas I’d have a garden by the end of my trip.


Day4: Explore Railay East Beach

There are more backpacking style bars and restaurants in Railay Eastside. Beach is not nearly as good very rocky, but nice to see some jungle scenes and hike a bit. But most importantly, discovered more bars!!

I really enjoyed that day/, Seeing some really wired plants, and upon those hills, there are many many cheap guesthouses. Railay East is definitely cheaper than Railay West. And it’s about 5 mins walk so if you stay on this side you can still enjoy nice beaches on the other side. I did the opposite.

You have to get a butt shot to survive the social media nowadays. img_1145

Wired and colorful things I found along the way.

By the time heading back to Krabi to catch the flight, it started raining again. Normally there are very cheap Ferris about $1.5 one way, but it requires a certain amount of people to operate. I booked the whole airport service boat, Tok Tok and shuttle bus for $12, so guaranteed you will make it on time.

There are plenty of ferry services from Railay to other islands around, like James Bond Island. If the rain stops would be a nice day activity. Couldn’t make it this time due to the weather, but it would be great to do next time.

I didn’t even get wet through the whole transit. The Thais got all figured out. This is my bus backing up in the water to those boats. Dope!

See it was a very nice time right? Hope you can enjoy it too and remember happiness is only a state of mind.

Love, Julia

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